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Westwood Youth Soccer

Westwood Youth Soccer is Now OPEN!  Deadline to register is 2/18/20.

We are in need of volunteers to assist in making sure the soccer program continues.  We have tried to divide up all of the jobs into multiple positions so that things won't be so overwhelming and time-consuming for one person.  We have posted a brief description for each position on the youth sports website (under the soccer tab choose 'board') to give you some idea of what each will entail.  If there are multiple volunteers for the same position we will contact those volunteers and give them the opportunity to step down or choose another position. If there is more than one volunteer that doesn't want to step aside we will hold a vote with all other volunteers.  If you are willing to help with any of the positions please email or text Becky at or 712-574-0627. 


Website Sponsorship

We are still looking for business donations to sponsor our Westwood Youth Sports website.  If you are interested or have questions please email

Check out our Sponsor page for current sponsors to our website!!